The films were made by 1964-1965 in Kamchatka — Olyutorskiy district (rayon), State reindeer farm «Korfsky» and by 1966 in Taymyr Khatangskiy district (rayon), kolkhoz «Put’ k kommunizmu» = the way to communism).
The films were made with 8mm camera «Neva» with use of color films ORWO. By 2003, the filmshave been digitized.

Heroes of the films as well as surroundings and many other things have been described by Leonid Baskin in a book «Segodnya — kochevka» (To-day — roaming), Mysl Publishing house, Moscow, 1974. 205 p.
Figures in the description mean minutes and seconds that are reflected in the program window during film viewing.