2 Камчатка 1964 (осень)

Kamchatka. Film 2. Autumn. Korfskiy reindeer farm.
(It continues the film 1).
Continuation of summer races.
Fedor Merkhini (tall, with round face, his is even) and Nikolay Giklav (single-eyed) follow after the races.
Spraying the herd by DDT against warble-flies. Herd, a forest of antlers.
Moving to the new place. A caravan during moving. A pack-horse.
Fishing with «marik». Marik is very original device invented by koryaks. Marik is very suitable device of nomads, it is small and light. Herders always have a marik on his gird strap. For fishing a herder cut a pole, put a ring on its tip and attach the marik. In few minutes he is ready for spearing fish.
Fire. A kettle above fire. An old lady — Kechigvantin. She is laurovetlan (=chukchi) woman.
Again, fishing.
In a light, cotton tent herders drink tea from saucer. At first, on the screen there is Giklav — single-eyed man. Then, Tnalkhut — reindeer koryak, father-in-law of Kechigvantin, then Kechigvantin herself drinks tea from a cup, again Tnalkhut.
Roaming. Herders carry packs on shoulders and also support the packs with front belts. Cloth from «rovduga» (smoked, hairless reindeer skin), spears, horse, packs.
Khailino settlement in late Autumn. Old boat on a shore of Tylga River. Also, «baty» (double boats made from hollowed poplars). Hoar-frost on trees.
Yurta (a koryak dwell), yukolnik (elevated storage place for keeping fish and cloth), a kettle above fire, steaks keeping a vault of the yurta.