3 Камчатка 1964 (осень)

Continuation of Film 2.

0.0 — 0.25
A hole in yurta roof where poles crossing.
A girl in ker-ker.
A woman sewing.
Winter. Fur tent. At the front level there are the koryak skis.
A woman dressed in national even cloth.
A woman washes an ass of her grandson by dry moss. A man cut fire-woods.
A woman (her name is Raya) dressed in national evens’ cloth with a child. The child is crying. Notebly that Raya is pregnant.
Shaving by knife. It is famous knife from Paren’ — a settlement situated in extreme north of Sea of Okhotsk. Parenskiy knife is a proud of koryak people. They are suitable as for cutting reindeer antlers as well for shaving. The Parenskiy knife has three layers — in middle is a plate from very firm steel, from the both sides are soft iron plates. Such type of knife is made by a method of hot smithery.
The person under shaving is chukcha. His name is Apis. His haircut has a shape of circle around shaved back of head.
3.35 — 3.58.
Shestopalov. He is communist party’s secretary in the Korfskiy reindeer farm. He is koryak.
Dunya Uyaginskaya. Even woman. She plays with a puppy.
Kechigvantin. She put under her cheek limishina. It is tobacco mixed with ashes.
4.00 — 6.29
Roaming. Autumn. Anatoly Turkini, even, leads. He is with carbine after his back and with a spear in the hands. Poles for a small fur tent are roped to horse’s pack. In this season humans need more warm dwelling. After the horse a daughter of Turkini walks, she dresses in child overalls — ker-ker. Behind the daughter Turkini’s wife leads the second horse. You can remark that above the pack is a doll of the child.
A herder Delandya (even) makes a «goose» for eloel’. Eloel’ is a birch switch with «goose» on the eloel» tip. The goose is made from walrus tusk. It is autumn time but the herders live yet in a cotton tent. However, the herder has fur pants made from smoked reindeer skin. You can notice warm autumn hats.
A herder prepares a file from reindeer sinews. The file is used to keep a goose to an eloel’.
Ankucha — brigadier, even — threaten by knife. It is a joke. Ankucha smokes. All is going in the same cotton tent.