6 Олюторский район 1964

Film 6. 1964. Kamchatka. Olyutorskiy district

0 — 0.07
Baskin counts reindeer
0.07 — 0.55
Driving a herd into a coral. Group of herders. A part of them are counters with notice-books. They are waiting when the herd will occur in the coral. Their fur shirts consisting of two layers. They made from skins of August calves. One layer has hairs directed outside, another — inside, to body. Such shirts are used when frost is strong. Also, there are herders in cotton shirts («kamleyka») above fur shirts. There hats from colored (black) sheep skins. From this sheep skins Russian fur coats are made (in factory). Herders buy such coats in Khailino shop and use them to prepare national cloth.
0.55 — 1.35
Release of reindeer females from the coral. Near entrance of coral a line of herders is to prevent bulls and calves to run away of coral. This method is based on behavior feature of reindeer females. They are more independent from the herd, more ready to leave the herd than bulls and calves.
1.35 — 1.40
1.40 — 2.00
Release of reindeer
2.00 — 2.10
Counters. Simultaneously with separation of females they conduct review of the herd.
2.10 — 2.25
Continuation of dividing the herd.
2.25 — 3.15
Vyvenka River valley. Mountain, sky, crack in ice.
3.15 — 4.10
Slaughter of reindeer. They come in slaughtering camera (made from desks).
4.10 — 5.50
Preparation to racing. Sportsmen improve harness. Public discuss quality of racing reindeer.
5.50 — 5.55
Sportsmen started. They will move ca 10 km ahead. Suddenly, one of them will turn back. Then, they need to reach finish near the camp the first.
5.55 — 6.05
Two wolverine skins as rewards.
6.05 — 7.00
Women kindled fire, carried in a pot with soup from reindeer blood («opana»). By lasso one of herders (usually the master of the racings) «caught» a sausage that is a phantom of reindeer and cut it by knife. It is made from a piece of intestine, fulfilled with meat and fat, shrub branches imitate antlers. This is typical ceremony during celebration.
7.00 — 7.35
They splash on fire, at all four side of the world blood soup. It is sacrifice.
Baskin is in a shirt from snow sheep skin and light «kamleyka» above. Later, Shestopalov (koryak, a head of the farm communist branch).
7.35 — 8.00
Again, wrong piece of film put in inappropriate place. It is from very start of races when herders only harness reindeer.
Фильм 6. 1964 г. Олюторский район Камчатки.
0 — 0.07 Баскин Подсчет оленей.
0.07 — 0.55 Загон стада в кораль.
0.55 — 1.35 — выпуск важенок из кораля.
1.35 — 1.40 Баскин
1.40 — 2.00 выпуск важенок продолжается. Шеренга пастухов.
2.00 — 2.10 учетчики. Одновременно с разделением стада перед отелом на стадо важенок и стадо быков и телят, ведется просчет стада.
2.10 — 2.25 продолжение отбивки важенок.
2.25 — 3.15 долина реки Вывенка
3.15 — 4.10 — олени входят в забойную камеру
4.10 — 5.50 Подготовка к бегам.
5.50 — 5.55 участники тронулись в дорогу.
5.55 — 6.05 — две шкуры росомахкак призы.
6.05 — 7.00 праздничный костер, кастрюля с кровяным супом. Колбаска — имитация оленя. «Оленя» закалывают — это типичная праздничная церемония.
7.00 — 7.35 суп разбрызгивают как жертву. В кадре Леонид Баскин . На нем кухлянка из снежного барана, поверх светлая камлейка из оленьей ровдуги. В телогрейке парторг совхоза Шестопалов.
7.35 — 8.00 Неправильно подмонтирован кусочек из начала бегов