1 Камчатка (лето)

Film 1. Kamchatka. Summer.
Pasturing in narrow mountain valley. Probably, this is July. Reindeer molting. Males have large antlers. Can be seen snow fields on slopes.
An interesting scene: two calves are suckling one mother. It is pretty typical for this time of year.
A herd is crossing a river, probably, it is Imkavayam. The herd afraid to go in water, circling on the shore. Can be seen that only reindeer that are in external rows but animals in a center of the herd are quiet, they stand on the same places. The herder throws up his lasso to force the herd go ahead, in water.
The herd has moved to water, it is swimming. Reindeer climb up the opposite shore.
The herd is resting, it gathers in a complete mass. Reindeer are lying, standing, chewing.
A brigadier Nikolay Kininlad. Baskin (in white headscarf above a national koryak head). Can be seen the national cloth of the herders. It is a koryak team (reindeer koryaks). The herders dressed in «kamleyka», made from rovduga (smoked reindeer skin without hairs), and summer hats.
The herd keeps rest.
5.30 — 6.55
A girl clip by scissors an old herder Nikolay Nikolaevich Tnalkhut, he is a father of Kininlad. Can be distinguished a summer cloth of the girl — «ker-ker».
6.55 — 7.50
During herd’s resting the herders have time to get rest also and even to arrange a summer celebration. For this a reindeer has slaughtered. Meat is on willow branches. A celebration’ fire. Herders put pieces of liver and meet in the fire (a type of sacrifice). Already, «opana», sup from reindeer blood with pieces of grass’ roots is ready. Some volumes of «opana» also are given to the fire.
7.50 — Finish
The herders arranged summer races. Each of them cut a twig with two tips that symbolize reindeer antlers. They settled where a start will be, in the same point will be a finish. A route of summer races has a shape of a loop that lead from the start to the finish. A length of the loop depends on the players’ agreement. The brigadier put pieces of twigs of each of the herders one after another, and owners of these twigs=reindeer carefully follow which twig will be fortunate — occur on the finish line the first. A reward is a reindeer calf. It was born by a female that is a property of the brigadier. Now the owner presented it as a prize of the races.